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We operate 6-crew starts a day working 6-days a week. The speed and accuracy of the RMI system has proven to be invaluable. Our Train II score alone shows this.  Over the last two years RMI has helped improved our Train II score from 80.43% to 99.01%.  

—Kristen Buenger, MET


Operate a More Intelligent Railroad

Nearly 400 railroads across North America have harnessed the power of RailConnect® and RailDOCS to manage the flow of paperwork and information through their operation, capture more revenue, and reduce costs. We can help your operation to become a truly "Paperless Railroad."™

Train Operations

The RailConnect Transportation Management System (TMS) provides the most highly automated solution available for managing critical railroad operating data. TMS uses sophisticated processing logic to block cars, distribute notifications, generate charges, calculate demurrage, and provide work orders automatically. The system also makes extensive use of AEI, EDI, and wireless computing technology to generate and report event records.

Signal Maintenance

The RailDOCS Configuration Management System (CMS) was developed in response to an FRA mandate promoting the safe operations of processor-based signal and control systems. CMS stores manufacturer configurations and guidelines for every component of signal and communication devices, as well as instructions on how these components work together.

Revenue Accounting

For railroads that participate in full interline settlements, the RailConnect® Revenue Management Services (RMS) provides a sophisticated solution that has been certified by the AAR for Interline Settlement System (ISS) processing. 

Car Hire Accounting

RMI’s Car Hire Payable system automates the many cumbersome tasks associated with monthly car hire reporting. The Car Hire Receivable service provides a thorough audit of your monthly car hire earnings and produces claims where shortages are detected.

Car Repair

RMI's ExpressYard is a complete railcar repair billing, inspection and operations management system which makes running a repair shop easier and allows you to focus on your core competency - repairing railcars.

Business Intelligence

RMI’s RailConnect® Business Intelligence (BI) accesses data across multiple RailConnect systems and formats so that you can get the critical information you need, when you need it. 

RMI’s on-demand software solutions for railroads automate critical processes including train operations, signal maintenance, revenue accounting, car hire, and car repair as well as provide you with the business intelligence you need to support critical strategic and operational decisions.